PV Asset Manager


PV Asset Manager is a daily business intelligence system for photovoltaic plants, designed to detect even the performance loss that traditional monitoring systems do not indicate. Situations of this nature are for example the non-compliance of the photovoltaic modules or inverters to the specifications or the presence of individual dirty or damaged modules, which affect the performance of an entire string.

This version implements all the basic functionality of the system. There is no installation, and then the production meter figure must be entered manually. The solar radiation used is the provisional one (estimated), subject to the possibility of correction by the user. It is the version to be used in the areas where the meteo satellite weather observation (that provides the daily sun radiation) is not available.


In the SAT version, data daily sun radiation are automatically acquired by mean of measurements from weather satellite. This package does not require any installation and therefore the production meter data must be entered manually.

There are the following additional features:

In SAT+ version, production data are automatically collected in real time thanks to the sensor supplied, to be installed on the production meter while data daily sun radiation are automatically acquired by mean of measurements from weather satellite, on the basis of PV plant geographical coordinates (Italy included).

The program provides the following additional features:

In the GOLD package, the PV plant production and meteo data are acquired automatically in real time by mean of the sensors provided, to be installed at the plan site. Furthermore, the user is provided with additional facilities described below:

  • PR standardization: PR net of temperature losses

PR measure is objective but it is hard to compare, as it changes considerably with temperature variation of the solar panel.

sunXman PV Asset Manager is offered at different levels of service:


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Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs and top management timely and clear indicators on the performance of their business, not only with respect to the provisional data, but also compared to those achieved by the best practice.