In SAT+ version, production data are automatically collected in real time thanks to the sensor supplied, to be installed on the production meter while data daily sun radiation are automatically acquired by mean of measurements from weather satellite, on the basis of PV plant geographical coordinates (Italy included).

The program provides the following additional features:

  • Automatic detection of the daily productivity (PR)
  • Automatic daily alarms and warning in case of productivity below the threshold of respect
  • Automatic calculation of daily Rating

Sensor installation is very easy: it is sufficient to attach the charging device around on of the wires cabled with the meeter and apply the self-adhesive optical sensor on the production meter LED. No wiring is required! Data transmission is includes, thanks to the internal GPRS module and SIM.

For a measure of performance that can be useful to establish a rating system, a stable situation is needed to have a measure of the solar energy as accurate as possible. The system will automatically check if there were "clear-sky" conditions and then will give a rating vote on the basis of the comparison between the daily PR with the reference PR in that month.

  • Full report for each day: data and indexes of the day
  • Intra-day charts for each day: 15 minute charts steps of energy production
  • Monthly Graphs: graphs of the data and indexes collected on each day

To subscribe to the SAT+ version, the PV plant must be first created at the SAT (free) level: look at the additional service guide.

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