PV Asset Manager is a daily business intelligence system for photovoltaic plants, designed to detect even the performance loss that traditional monitoring systems do not indicate. Situations of this nature are for example the non-compliance of the photovoltaic modules or inverters to the specifications or the presence of individual dirty or damaged modules, which affect the performance of an entire string.

PV Asset Manager automatically draws up the Business Plan for the plant, determines its Rating and provides:

  • any deviations of expected data and indicators
  • automatically updated economic and financial forecasts
  • malfunctions management (reason and value)

Thanks to patented algorithms and functions, PV Asset Manager does not use preinstalled sensors and monitoring systems, thus providing data and information truly objective and independent.

PV Asset Manager is offered at four different levels of service, with increasing performances.

Basic features are common in all versions and reflect the goal of the system, designed to provide the owner of the PV plant the management tools to control plant productivity, financial performance, maintenance service, i.e. the QoS (Quality of Service).

In fact, all of the packages allow complete management of the business through productivity and financial indexes, deviations, forecasting, automated management of PV plant malfunctions.

The difference is in the quality and timeliness of data, indexes, alarms, resulting from the data acquisition services:



no installation required, based on user data entry: for plants in areas not yet served by solar radiation data from satellite data processing.

no installation required, energy production meter data entered by user automatic detection of solar irradiation by meteo satellite (Italy included)
installation of a sensor for energy production meter remote reading automatic detection of solar irradiation by meteo satellite
installation of a sensor for energy production meter remote reading, installation of a meteo station for local meteo data determination









(*) GOLD version is currently under test and therefore it is not offered to the public.

SILVER and SAT version are immediately  activated at user subscription.

In versions SAT, SAT+, GOLD, Historical Rating related to the photovoltaic plant is performed acquiring historical solar radiation data, based on actual observations from weather satellite. 

See the service comparative table.

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Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs and top management timely and clear indicators on the performance of their business, not only with respect to the provisional data, but also compared to those achieved by the best practice.