Comparative table

sunXman PV Asset Manager is offered at different levels of service:


energy production meter data manual manual at 15 min
actual solar irradiation data   by satellite by satellite
statistical solar irradiation data
Historical Rating based on solar radiation data by meteo satellite on-demand on-demand on-demand
reference Business Plan
updated provisional Business Plan
updated current year Budget Plan
PV plant malfunction detection  
malfunction form for maintenance firm fill-in
economic loss due to malfunctions
productivity index PR
financial index IRR
(Internal Return Rate)
PR net malfunctions
(solar hours loss)
multi-plant reports and indexes
export of tables to Excel
energy production meter tele-reading    

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Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs and top management timely and clear indicators on the performance of their business, not only with respect to the provisional data, but also compared to those achieved by the best practice.